Why Develop Nickelpinch

Reasons, motivations, anecdotes

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

There are a myriad of personal financial tools out there. Unfortunately, they seem to fall into two categories. Desktop stand alone apps which are nice, but the data is only accessible on the device it's installed on. And web apps, most of which want to help by automatically connecting your bank accounts to their service. That is terrifying to me.

I wanted something I could host myself, that could be hit from all devices, and still be more hands-on with my purchase entries. This didn't exist.

Philosophical Reasons

After switching from Computer Science, to Physics, finally to Business Finance, I graduated with two certainties. One, with 75 additional units I had one heck of a rounded education. Two, the Finance industry wasn't what I thought it was.

I want to build a tool to help people easily budget and save money. There is so much money spent on promoting this ideal of rampant consumerism, we need the tools to fight back.

About the Team

The person(s) making it happen

Tim Habersack


I'm that wierd blend of web developer / business guy. Coding is my passion (yay apps for everything!), but I also enjoy the business side of things (yay business/tax filings!). I fully admit to being slightly odd.

Wore an IT hat for a couple years, then became involved in designing web applications, and with that I found my calling. I develop software for an amazing company I work for, and crank out open source projects in my spare time.


Standing on the shoulders of others


Laravelis the PHP Framework used for Nickelpinch. It is modern, robust and helped to get it working faster.

Laravel is released under an MIT License

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an amazing front-end framework that allowed me to focus on functionality, and not theming.

Bootstrap is released under an Apache License 2.0


The Glyphicons icon set comes with Bootstrap, and is perfect for the icons needed in Nickelpinch.

GLYPHICONS Halflings is released under an Apache License 2.0