Stand-Out Features

What sets Nickelpinch apart.

100% Free

Ever wonder about the real motivations of these online budgeting tools that say they want to help you budget, all you have to do is pay them ~$100 a year? So do I! Nickelpinch is a free budgeting tool, and will always be free.

Doesn't Connect to your Bank

It freaks me out to have any piece of software connect to my bank account. Nickelpinch is a hands-on approach to budgeting; add entries as you pay for things.

Crazy Simple

Your budget consists of categories you create. You set how much you want to spend in each, then add entries during the month to keep track of your spending. Adding an entry is as streamlined as possible; most of the time you just enter an amount and description.

How It Works

Thirty seconds from now you'll know all you need to get started.


What was spent on what.

You earn money, spend it on things, the cycle continues. But by looking at your bank account as a collection of categories, you can better understand how much you really need for various things like food, utilities, rent. It will also help to see how much you spend on non-essentials like random fun money, eating out often, even a coffee out (gasp!)

Payment Methods

All that buying power, all that liability.

Open Source

Own your Data

Nickelpinch is released under a MIT license. What does this mean? It means anyone can grab the code for Nickelpinch from its code repository and host an instance on Nickelpinch on their own server.

Also, to the developers out there, consider this an open invitation. I would greatly welcome some help in building out more features.


Ideas, suggestions, feedback, questions; all are welcome.

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